The John H. Shook Home

The Shook Home and the Quarters at the Shook has a rich heritage dating back to the early 1900’s. Its beginnings are rooted in an institution for elderly women established in 1912 by the Children’s Aid Society of Franklin County. Originally housed in a four bedroom residence on Garber Street, the organization quickly outgrew the home’s capacity and relocated to a larger, eleven bedroom residence on East Queen Street.

John H ShookIn and about that time, John H. Shook bequeathed his estate for the establishment of a similar institution. Consequently, the John H. Shook Home for the Aged was chartered in 1918. In furtherance of the provisions of Mr. Shook’s Last Will and Testament, the Children's Aid Society took up the question of transferring their operations to the Shook Home. Shortly thereafter, an agreement was reached between the two parties for the transfer of all property and the Shook Home commenced its operations.

The Shook Home continued to function at its East Queen Street location for nearly fifty years. Periodic improvements were made to the building nearly doubling its capacity to twenty-one guests. However, it eventually became evident that a larger facility was necessary to meet the growing needs of the community and to remain compliant with increasingly stricter regulations. Consequently, a sixty-five bed purpose-built nursing facility was erected on South Second Street in 1970. The cost of the new facility was subsidized by donations from community members solicited via a building fund campaign.

The Shook Home prospered at its new location. As a dually certified Medicare/Medicaid facility, it proudly offered charity care to indigent members of the local population needing long- term care and services. Income from trusts and investments was used annually to support operations, to retire debt, and to make capital improvements.

In 1993, a forty-five bed Personal Care Home was added to the nursing facility. Known as the Quarters, it broadened the Shook Home’s service range and enabled it to remain relevant in the ever-changing landscape of the long-term care industry. In 2006, the Shook Home and the Quarters at the Shook was licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). As a CCRC, the facility further expanded its service offerings to include Residential Living.

Despite the array of services the Shook Home and the Quarters at the Shook currently offers, it continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of the community. The Board of Directors continually engages in strategic planning to ensure the facility is always positioned to optimally serve the community in which it operates. Due to the increased need for short-term and out-patient rehabilitation services (e.g. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy) offered by post-acute care providers, the Shook Home and the Quarters at the Shook is preparing to embark upon an aggressive brick and mortar building campaign. The facility recently acquired property contiguous with its campus on which it plans to erect a new structure. The new purpose-built physical plant will house, in part, a state-of-the art therapy gym. The new structure will enable therapists to treat a higher volume of residents in an enhanced therapeutic environment while also providing a venue for additional services.